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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Long time no see...

It is with mixed feelings that I am attempting to start posting on my blog again. I doubt whether the posts will dry up again, whether I will be able to express myself fully via this media again. Another question that merits thought is whether I really need to start posting on the blog again....too many questions right at the lemme "chak de(m)..Shahrukh ishtyle.!

As is quite apparent, a lot of water has flown down the 'Ganges' since my last post on this blog. The biggest change (Is it really that big???) that has happened is that I am no longer 'Ltd' by 'ITC' or for that matter anybody else. It wasnt really an easy decision to take. It was in fact the culmination of a lot of pent up feelings, lot of sleepless nights, lot of heated discussions, bitching-all over good food and royal living (sponsored by ITC of course).

A lot of people have questioned me over this decision of mine. I completely understand their rationale and I will use Behzad's (a fellow ITC AUT-2006) logic to justify it. We are very lucky to be born a human being. Probably, one in a million. After that the rat race continues throughout school where you are typically among the top 2 to score in the high-nineties and get into the SRCC's of this world. It doesnt end there; on the contrary it keeps getting tougher. You are among the top 100 out of 35000 odd applicants to get into IIFT ( Source of Data: Dr Prabir Sengupta, ex- Dir. General, IIFT, Former Petroleum and Commerce Secy., Govt. of India). You slog for 2 f******years and are lucky to be among the only 5 people to be selected by this organization to join them. Oh wow! culmination of years of hard work and the labour of patience! But no..things dont always happen the way u want them to. Life's Like that.

There comes a point in life when its imperative to take a decision. A decision that will define and shape the future course of one's life. And if the decision is not taken, the 'feelings' mentioned in the earlier paragraph would continue to pile on and create a unmanageable heap.

Thus the decision was taken and I am happy I took it. Some were shocked, some were happy and some said it was pretty uncouth of me. I respect them all and thank them all for their concern.

One thing I have learned during the past 25 summers is that Life's decisions are never easy. Nonetheless, it is important to take them and more importantly, to stand by the ones you take!

You will never live to regret them.
God Bless!


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Nitin Kochhar said...

I can understand ur feelings ... and appreciate ur decision of leaving this great organization ... whats ur contact no ... i want to talk to you

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